Glass Punch Bowl

Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass

Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass

Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass
ABP AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS 1 PIECE PUNCH BOWL. Today we are listing for sale a Huge Punch Bowl, completely handcrafted during the American Brilliant Period. By Empire Cut Glass Company, under the supervision of Henry Clay Fry in the Argo Pattern. This Punch Bowl can be the central piece in any good collection. Once seen, it becomes a must. Empire was primarily a cutting house only, using almost exclusively Fry's high quality blanks, and so patterns such as "Princeton" "Argo" and "Atlantic" are always sought by collectors, world over. Of course, quality is automatically considered to be excellent on the basis of the maker whose reputation is among the finest of the Period. Empire Cut Glass, William Iorio.

When a beautiful pattern is crafted on a very fine blank, such as in this case, the result is extra brilliance and a totally magnificent item. The bowl features a fancy scalloped rim design, difficult to execute and adds a pretty touch to the this lovely large punch bowl.

As shown in the photos you can see the depth of these mitre cuts, they are rather deeply cut which. Literature;'Rich Cut Glass', Trade Catalog F. Tinker (Firm), Chicago, IL, USA, pg 25. You will have in your collection, or perhaps as a gift a very special piece of American Art History. Considerably a lost art today. Layouts and Motifs / Specs. The bowl is one in which the major layout scheme is that of overlapping and intersecting pointed ovals. Both the hobstars and alternating strawberry diamond X crossed mitre vesicas are arranged so that they are included in the intersecting ovals.

14 1/2" in diameter one piece punch bowl, executed on a thick 3/4" blank. A very unique rim and is reminiscent of Hawkes. Crafted on a thick 3/4 blank. The alternating motif is that of strawberry diamond X cross mitre vesicas. Xcrossed mitres are an important basic design concept.

Blank: Mouth blown very clear water white. This validates its provenance as an American Brilliant Period cut glass item. The luminescence is a result of adding manganese to the molten glass mixture to decolorize the iron in the sand. It validates the Period because the 40 year Period between 1870 and 1916 was the time in the course of ABP history that manganese was employed. Brilliant Period cut glass as a result of the combined hardening and radiance producing lead oxide with the added manganese was named the finest cut glass in the world. The tooth profile is full and is in tremendously well taken care of condition, amazing with fancy scalloped rim design, difficult to execute and adds a pretty touch to the large piece.

In the center, there is a crosshatched hexagonal 32 point hobstar whose center star ray is crafted in very high relief. The large hobstar that centers this lovely bowl is deeply cut, please use a dolly, this star is deep & has so many cuts, that bowl is like a monumental size diamond, and it scratched my table a bit as I turned it for the tooth profile photos, it is recommended to use some type of protective covering. On fine wood since the bowl weight is rather heavy with sharp deep cuts on the massive hobstar cut into the base. In order to visualize this EMPIRE Punch Bowl I have set up 2 pieces side by side to present the size, on the right is a 2 piece eggnog bowl (small punch bowl / standard size) and to the left is the mammoth size Punch Bowl in this listing, it is large! Moreover it is even more beautiful than it is large.

This piece is suitable for display in the Corning Museum of Glass. Questions are welcome and I have many photographs upon request if needed.

Remember that shape determines the manner in which a pattern is cut as seen in the last photo. Photos are considered part of the listing description. The description is based on our combined knowledge, experience, and research. Statements regarding maker, age, origin, etc. Please ask questions that will help you in these evaluations.

I have many years experience in sending fragile goods through the post and take pride in my packing, my treasures arrive in the same condition they left me. Since American Brilliant Period cut glass is well over 100 years of age and it is glass, therefore fragile, it is always a possibility that magnification, if employed, could yield the discovery of previously unseen tiny defects. Examination of the punch bowl as displayed we find no flaws. Under magnification, (and I use a jeweler 7X magnifiers) there are few tiny flea bites seen only when examining in this fashion, which are lost and rather difficult to relocate when I remove the magnifiers.

The above stated in order to provide complete accuracy. Any question please contact Cherished Hunts, thank you. Excellence guaranteed in quality via maker reputation and all requirements having been fulfilled as follows: Affecting interaction of the sun rays and crafted cuts to ultimately produce reflective and refractive vivid colors in sunlight, and resonance, appropriate for shape. Symmetry and pattern balance, apparent upon examination. In conjunction with quality, the condition appears to be free of any major chips, cracks, repairs, and discoloration. If any Only visible under a scope and powerful lighting.

As stated above: Please review the photographs. These are integral to this description and are as important as the identifying verbiage.

If anything is unclear in the written description, please refer to the photos to assist you. We wish always to provide the most efficient and correct information available: so... If you have any questions please ask. We work diligently to describe all items accurately to the best of our knowledge. We abide by all the rules and regulations established by the ACGA. Displays beautifully, in display no major defects were discovered.

Contact Cherished Hunts Antiques Visit My Store. Look through my store with confidence as you will find items created by artisans that are unique and of fine antique quality. Please use the photos to make your final decision, all marked accordingly in photos. This is my overview, details will be found in the photos which are as important as the verbal description given. PLEASE USE THE PHOTOS PROVIDED FOR ANY OTHER AESTHETIC CONDITION REPORTS/DESCRIPTIONS.

Note that all items in my shop are of vintage or antique condition. They have often been used for many years and can have normal signs of wear.

I will reflect any damage, repairs or heavy wear in the item description but some. Minor scratches, nicks and stains can be normal for antique & vintage items and need to be taken into account. I describe as I see it.

By the way your wrapping of the lamp was outstanding. I don't believe the Egyptians could have wrapped a mummy any better. VINTAGE GWTW PARLOR LAMP HAND PAINTED 26 Ruffled Shade Yellow Roses (#183763433203). Absolutely gorgeous and well wrapped for safe arrival Thank You. ABP AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT GLASS HUNT ROSETTES and STARS 9 SCARCE (#184158814661).

ABP AMERICAN BRILLIANT PRINCETON ARGO VASES PAIR OF 2 EMPIRE CUT GLASS RARE (#174069872647). STRAUS FATIMA ABP AMERICAN BRILLIANT PERIOD CUT GLASS LARGE CHEESE DOME 9 PLATE (#174128095751). Signed Miller Antique 8 Panel Slag Glass Lamp Arts & Crafts BRASS COPPER (#183956929531). I cant thank you enough for your careful packing.

I would hire you to pack for me any day! I dont know how most sellers pack slag glass, but that was a work of art. You truly understand all the ways the glass can rub and how to protect those vulnerable clips. LIBBEY SABER ABP AMERICAN BRILLIANT PERIOD CUT GLASS HONEYCOMB CARAFE Scarce (#173898693160). Item was exactly as described & fragile item was packed carefully. Old Stein Whites Utica Large Match Safe circa 1890 1907 (#171284607062).

Beautiful water jug arrived in perfect condition. GERMAN CUT CRYSTAL AND SILVER-PLATE LARGE PITCHER JUG (#171325077701). HEREND PITCHER Large 64 Oz Jug VICTORIA Baroque Gold Green Trim RARE Butterfly (#181424970436). Antique Old ABP American Brilliant Cut Glass Russian Pattern Plate - BEAUTIFUL (#181402006572). It is so beautiful and so shining.

I have many antique ceramic but this is very good condition. I understand how much they take care of antiques.

Nippon Maple Leaf Cup & Saucer Jewels Gold (#1466547398). Limoges France Reticulated Hand Painted Large Bread Tray Fruit Centerpiece Gold (#171389972869). ANTIQUE LIMOGES PORCELAIN PLATE CHARGER HAND PAINTED PEONIES J JEAN POUYAT GOLD (#181451295282). American Brilliant Period Cut Glass ABP Orange Bowl Stunning Large Hobstars (#181550536507).

Thanks, Cheryl, for ex packing. I do love them and will cherish them.

Pair Antique 18th 19th C? English Georgian Rummer Wine Glass RARE Amazing Ring (#181482489143). Coalport Batwing Plate(s) 7 Available (#173878554578). American Brilliant Cut Glass 3 Tier Centerpiece Tazza Antique Epergne 25 (#183441930364). My GUARANTEE: I will always list and describe (and answer questions) about my items with 100% honesty (good, bad and ugly).

All items are professionally packed. I work very hard everyday. To provide accurate listings, multiple photographs, careful packaging. These items are 100 years old in most cases, most have been used, we would hope that one. Who is collecting understands that old glass, porcelain and artisan wares were not. Manufactured with the sophisticated technology that we have today, such as the. Process of cookie cutting manufacturing, therefore there may be glaze pops, black pin dots, and minor factory flaws.

Please remember also that glass from the American Brilliant Period is that, it is of the late 1800's to. Early 1900's, and would show light signs of use as you would want to find, consistent with age. I hope that you may prefer to own such beautiful rare articles such as those that are offered. Here in my store, a piece of the past which makes your collection unique. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this or any other item we have listed.

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  • Model: ARGO
  • Style: Victorian
  • Original/Reproduction: Antique Original
  • Featured Refinements: Cut Glass Bowl
  • Object Type: Punch Bowl
  • Color: Clear
  • Manufacturer: American Brilliant
  • Glassmaking Technique: Cut glass
  • Type of Glass: Cut Glass
  • Brand: Empire Cut Glass

Abp American Brilliant Argo Punch Bowl Empire Cut Glass